Paymart Suite
Paymart Suite - the solution for any FinTech business model.
Paymart Suite includes the best solutions from online payment industry

Paymart Suite is designed for customer management, making payments between customers, currency exchange, loan issuing and accounting, AML procedures fulfillment and sanction lists scanning, as well as controlling of business processes flow.

Accounting of funds in payment Paymart Suite can be carried out in any unit of real or unreal values, such as obligations unity - government issued monetary unities, electronic money, virtual money, grams of gold, credit points, bonuses, minutes, etc.

Features of mobile channel of Paymart Suite let you organize trade using mobile devices, tablets, POS terminals.

Paymart Suite is designed for a variety of businesses - click for a list

  • Small and medium-sized banks
  • Micro-finance institutions
  • Pawn shops, fast-loans, SMS-loans
  • Credit unions
  • Payment Service Providers
  • Electronic Money Issuers
  • Mobile operators
  • Utilities service payments collectors
  • Closed loop settlements and points issuing
  • Gambling without intermediaries, such as poker
  • Financial institutions with a network of branches
  • Trade organizations taking different payment methods
  • Network sales organization (MLM)
  • Companies with customer loyalty programs
  • Escrow service in payments (documentary deals)
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Business Processes Modeling
Business Processes Modeling (BPM) allows interactively rebuild existing systems, moving them to new functionality level.

BPM system Activi is integrated into the Paymart Suite. BPM makes it easy to change before rigidly programmed business processes to flexible system of building business processes demanded in the current time and place.

Paymart Suite uses BPM for fulfillment of KYC procedures

As an instance, Paymart Suite with BPM allows the financial institute or other subject of the money laundering and terrorism financing combating law to organize automatic KYC procedures commitment so the entity would be in compliance to the law and would be protected from real implication into illegal activity and consequences, like losing of reputation and business itself.

Business process example - click for view


Ask us, is Paymart Suite suitable for your business model.
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Components and functional
Modularity and flexibility of Paymart Suite configuration allows to get results on the fly!
The inner and outer world of Paymart Suite


Paymart Suite allows you to customize its functionality by enabling or disabling modules and their parameters. If necessary, you can make changes to the code without stopping the system through the admin interface. Functionality Paymart Suite will satisfy most of the requirements of the system owner.

Payment methods
  • Payments between customers accounts
  • Regular/Scheduled/Low balance payments
  • The issuance and repayment of loans
  • Group loans
  • Authorization of payments at various levels
  • Payment request from the mobile user
  • Payments initiated by SMS
  • Invoicing between users or system
  • Payment initiated by other payment
  • Recurring payment
  • New created payments types
Mobile banking
  • Registration through mobile access
  • One-time passwords for registration and payments
  • Payments to other users and systems
  • Payment request (two-step payments)
  • Information request about account status, payments history
  • Personal messages and notifications
  • Administration and brokers newsletters
  • Independence from banks and phone companies
  • SMS banking through SMS messages
  • Online banking without Internet - USSD banking
  • Marketplace (sell - buy)
  • New offer capturing
  • Classified catalog of goods and services
  • Creation of personal contacts list
  • Correspondence between platform users
  • Feedback and user rating system
Cards, POS-Terminals, Web-POS
  • Issue of local debit / credit / ID cards
  • Various security options (PIN codes, code cards)
  • Online card management (activation/ deactivation or blockage/ PIN reset)
  • Operations to pay in/ take out cash
  • Printing of daily operation statements
  • Support of check printers
  • Printing of terminal operator activity statements
  • Online management of POS devices (activation / deactivation / blockage)
Access Levels - User Custom Groups
  • Administrators - management of system, accounts and user groups
  • Brokers - user attraction, involvement and service
  • Users - service users, buyers, sellers, contractors
  • Operators - user-created account management groups
  • Creating new user groups, assigning group rights
Documenting and Messaging System
  • Internal messaging between users and administration
  • Loan request form
  • Personal messages and notifications
  • Group messages
  • Promotional offers from the participants
  • Promotional offers search
  • Personal documents management
Design and Usability
  • Interactive design of any user interface pages
  • Individual designs for different user groups
  • Individual designs for mobile access channels
  • Homepage with quick access icons and messages
  • Interactive customer profile search (customer information, photos)
  • Accounts reports, statements, reports export and print
  • Dynamic configuration of the system
  • Accounts and user management
  • Import tools and content management
  • System notifications and records
  • Reports and statistics
  • System tasks (indexing, system maintenance)
  • Bank level data protection
  • Convenient integration with other systems
Used Platforms
  • Operating system - Linux (CentOS)
  • Web servers - Apache Tomcat
  • Database - MySQL, MariaDB in Galera cluster
  • Programming Language - Java
  • Additional systems extending Paymart Suite functionality:
    - Electronic Signature and Identification system (eID card),
    - JasperReport - extended reports system,
    - Activiti Business Process Modeling,
    - Google like searching system Lucene
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Delivery Options
Regardless of the budget, the target will be reached!
«Paymart Suite SaaS»

Delivery «Paymart Suite SaaS» - Paymart Suite under System-as-a-Service terms is delivery option when Smartex Media, using own server farm, installs and configures Paymart Suite for your business needs, and than provide you with full access to your instance of Paymart Suite. Than you are free to modify, redesign and re-configure your payment system.

«Paymart Suite SaaS» advantages
  • Only a week is required to get your instance of Paymart Suite configured as close as possible to your business model!
  • Saving of costs associated with installing, upgrading and support of the equipment where Paymart Suite is processed.
  • Time and money saving on hardware set completing and purchasing, high-class IT specialists hiring, learning Paymart Suite working principles and its setup. You can spend time for focusing on your business idea realization in the shortest time.
  • Upgrades of Paymart Suite are made immediately after a new version issuing and transparently for you.
  • You are free from worrying about such activities as data backup, equipment reliable working, security measures providing and so on.
  • And most importantly - you yourself determine the time when the business is getting strong and can be moved on its own resources, by taking other terms of Paymart Suite delivery.
«Paymart Suite Compact»

«Paymart Suite Compact» package is delivered to you by downloading it from Smartex Media.

The customer takes on himself all required actions in providing configured hardware and service systems ready for installation of Paymart Suite. Installation is made under the Installation Guide. Smartex Media will guide and help during the Paymart Suite installation process, as well as further configuration to required business model as close as possible.

«Paymart Suite Infra»

Package «Paymart Suite Infra» - a set of required systems for building fully functional payment system, which is delivered as images of virtual machine for VMware ™ virtualization. All infrastructure systems are pre-configured to work together. All works on the IT infrastructure building will be done by Smartex Media.

Smartex Media Company can remotely configure the system. We will give instructions for the preliminary actions on the customer side, to get remote access to servers. All settings of information systems prepared by Smartex Media meet PCI DSS standard requirements.

For all Payment Suite delivery options Smartex Media will provide redesign of Paymart Suite under customer's Technical Reference, so that the system would be completely matching to customer's requirements.

Ask us for delivery option details and prices.
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Paymart Suite Demo
The best way to imagine your future system, which will be even better!
Paymart Suite - demo system

The demo system is not reflecting exactly your business model and design, but gives imagination how it might be.

In this demonstration instance of Paymart Suite is presented a simple internet bank with private and corporate accounts, where members may sent money from one person to other, may make currency conversion, and purchase goods.

By entering as administrator, you will see administration interface. We would suggest to check what show each menu item. This will allow to understand the most functional modules of Paymart Suite.

However, as far as this is a demo, you will see no more than fifth part of available functionality of Paymart Suite. Only knowing your business idea, we can show you how it can be realized by our payment system.

Address of demo site:


User login: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 809029
Password: 1234

Admin login: merchadmin
Password: 1234

Mobile edition simulation:

Application code: demo
User login: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Password: 1234

Live demonstration of Paymart Suite.
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